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The Fairground is working hard to build a diverse portfolio of web creations. Please visit the following sites to see examples of our work. All design, layout, programming and content has been created by The Fairground Web Design. - A very large, multi-level site with interactive features and simple navigation system that makes it easy for the hundreds of daily visitors to find what they want fast.

Re-Elect Councillor Pat Saito - A site that served as the online presence for a election campaigns in 2000, 2003 and 2006. Clear graphic design and navigation and quick page-loading are crucial here.

Walt Disney World International Program Website - The previous incarnation of what is now (above). A good example of how my design styles have progressed over the years. This site saw nearly 50,000 unique hits in its three years.

Disney's Animal Kindgom Virtual Tour - The main index page is a launch page for three sites. The efficient design facilitates the need to provide clear navigation through a huge amount of content. The site owner has modified the design since its original creation, but the graphic design and basic structure remains intact.

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